The Power of Bhakti

Ancient Spiritual Science for the Modern Distracted Mind

A Collection of Lectures by David B. Wolf, Ph.D.

Compiled and Edited by Dominique Fruscella

What happens when a handyman dad and a homeschooling mom invite the Hare Krishnas into their living room? Once a month. For 5 years…

What is so captivating about the teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, that Gaetano, Dominique, and their two young children embark on a new spiritual path? One that clarifies the terms yoga, dharma, karma, mantra, and the elusive mysterious person God…

The Power of Bhakti reveals it all.

This book is a birds-eye view into Gaetano’s and Dominique’s living room, when they first encountered “bhakti-yoga” and experimented with mantra meditation to awaken spiritual consciousness. Eight extraordinary gatherings, facilitated by Dr. David Wolf.

A word from the author, David Wolf,

about how the book was developed…

Discover for Yourself

>>  How to remember your life purpose, up to 24 hours per day

>>  What to accept and what to reject if you want to be an instrument of God

>>  Why empathy is essential for spiritual transformation

>>  How to not crash and burn on the path to enlightenment

>>  How to cultivate mastery in self-realization, in the midst of
our fast-paced world

George Harrison wrote, “…the maha-mantra has been prescribed as the easiest and surest way for attaining God-Realization in this present age.” With The Power of Bhakti learn to consciously guide and direct your mind, instead of letting it control you, through the sublime and ancient practice of maha-mantra meditation.