Join Live Classes Online or In-Person

We warmly invite you to attend a bhakti-yoga program online or in-person.

Where: The programs are typically located in Alachua, FL and Gainesville, FL USA. If you plan to attend a program, please RSVP to by 6pm Eastern Time on the day prior to the program you intend to attend.

How: We use Zoom video conferencing to broadcast the program online. You can join with video or audio, online or by calling in with your phone.

How Often: The programs typically occur 3-5 times per week. The calendar is below.

Instructions: There are 2 ways to join the class. One way is to go to, create a free account, and download the Zoom software. Then after you’ve logged in, click “Join”. Then type in the room # and enter the virtual temple.

The other way is to join the Zoom meeting room at this link, without your own free account. When you go to this link you will enter the room # and then click “Join” to enter the virtual temple.

What: Standard Morning Schedule: At 5:00am we begin with devotional songs (mangala-arati, signifying a most auspicious time of day). From about 5:30 or 5:45am we chant japa, till 7:30am. From 7:30am till about 8/8:15 AM is kirtan (mantra singing), and from about 8/8:15 till 9/9:30 we engage in philosophy class and discussion.